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About Poole Rights Organisation on Disability

Providing help in the community since 2002

PRO Disability is a registered charity run for, and by, people with a disability or long term health condition. It is committed to enabling people with a disability or long term health condition to live independently and retain control of their lives, by providing support, advice and information.

We offer help with Direct Payments which are cash payments that can be made to people instead of receiving a service arranged for them by the Funding Authority. A Direct Payment can give more flexibility in how services are provided to enable people to make their own decisions about how their care is delivered.

If you have a disability or long term health condition and need help with Direct Payments, Finance or Payroll services, PRO Disability may be able to help.

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PRO Disablilty 01202 723 301
Janice Adamson Chief Executive
Rachel O'Rourke Admin Assistant
Alisa Dibben Finance Manager
Shirley Hohne Finance Assistant
Laura Dagnall Direct Payments
June Ferris Volunteer
Hilary Wood Finance Assistant
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