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About Direct Payments

Cash payments giving you flexibility and control

Direct Payments are cash payments made in lieu of social service provisions, to individuals who have been assessed as needing services.

Direct payments create more flexibility in the provision of social services. Giving money in place of social care services means people have greater choice and control over their lives, and are able to make their own decisions about how care is delivered. If you are disabled and need help with Direct Payments, Finance or Payroll services, PRO Disability may be able to help.

Who can get Direct Payments ?

These can be made to people with a disability or long term health condition aged 16 or over, to people with parental responsibility for disabled children, and to carers aged 16 or over in respect of carer’s services.

Getting on to a Direct Payment

Initially you will need to be assessed by your local authority to find out whether you are eligible.

Contact details for your Local Authority

Client Reviews and Comments What our clients say

“A Direct Payment is so flexible, and the support provided by the team at PRO Disability makes things so much easier. It’s given me my life back.”  Janet - Oakdale

“As a carer with all the demands on my time I wasn’t interested in taking on more responsibility but with the support of PRO Disability I was able to access a Direct Payment and it has made life simpler.”  Carer - Weymouth

“ I am not so good with money and thought a Direct Payment would be too complicated but using the holding account makes things much easier.”  Joyce - Weymouth

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